Core Eclipse Thermostat

Multi-functional and Intuitive Functional but not Complicated

Most of the multi-functional thermostats offer very complicated user experience.
Eclipse thermostat is designed to be super easy to control but at the same time
functional to control most of the heating&cooling systems.

Intuitive Control of Temperature SUPER KNOB All functions including temperature change is controlled via single Knob. Just rotate Knob to change room temperature, or press and rotate to select which function to change.

CONFIGURABLE FUNCTIONS Eclipse Thermostat has several functions like temperature change, operation mode, operating mode, fan control and also AC vane control. Functions are configured via ETS and only functions that configured are displayed in the screen.

CUSTOMIZABLE BUTTONS There are 2 backlight icon buttons which can be configured to control any function in the room such as switching or dimming; or can be configured to control thermostat functions.